Hangover Remedies

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Quick Shot ($59.95)

Our December special: the Quick Shot includes IV hydration and pain relief, administered in as little as 20 minutes to help take the edge of your hangover.


Just in time for the silly season?

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Jump Start ($135)

I feel…. A bit dusty; like I shouldn’t have had that last drink. Dehydrated, groggy, and a slight headache or nausea (but not both).


Our basic package.

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Energise ($165)

I feel…. Urgh… Pretty hungover! Dehydrated, groggy, with a bad headache and nausea.


Our mid-range package.

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The Resurrection ($200)

I feel…. Monster hangover…! I’m never drinking again! Really dehydrated, groggy, with a strong headache and nausea.


Our premium package.

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